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Wellness Center

Wellness Clubs

*The following three clubs are offered by the MSU Wellness Committee:

Wellness Club Waiver

Wellness Club Policy:

Wellness clubs exist to promote wellness across the campus for students, staff, and
faculty. Wellness activities may be related to various aspects of body, mind, family,
financial, or spiritual well-being. Wellness clubs may be established under the oversight
of the Wellness Committee as long as sufficient interest in the activity exists. The
following general guidelines exist for all wellness clubs:

1. Each club will have leaders appointed by the wellness committee or elected by the
vote or consensus of the club.

2. Club leaders will have the responsibility to promote club activities, disseminate
information relevant to club interests, and measure those activities that
demonstrate the club’s progress or effectiveness.

3. No dues or fees will be charged for club membership; however, this does not
prevent club members from joining together to purchase promotional items such
as t-shirts, etc.

4. Club members are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all personal
clothing and equipment necessary for the wellness activity of the club.

5. All club members must sign a liability waiver releasing Minot State University
from any liability resulting from participation in club activities.

6. Clubs may schedule their activities as they choose; however,

 students are not excused from classes or other campus obligations for club
 non-exempt regular staff employees who have club membership may
participate in club activities with release time of no more than three hours
per week with the supervisor’s approval and as the work allows. (If the
staff employee is already using release time to take a class then this
release time is not allowed.)
 exempt staff and faculty may participate in club activities as their
schedules allow, but should use three hour per week as a guide for their
own release time.

7. Clubs are expected to meet together no more than once per month, but at least
once each quarter.