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Wellness Center

Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is offered by the MSU Wellness Committee. MSU faculty and staff are eligible to partake in the Wellness Program. The following activities are considered acceptable for release time during work hours if approved by each individual's supervisor (a total of three hours):

Wellness Program Waiver

Wellness Program Policy:

Effective Date: July 1, 2015

The Wellness Program exists to promote wellness across the campus for students, staff, and faculty. Wellness activities may be related to various aspects of body, mind, family, financial, or spiritual well-being. The Wellness Program is established under the oversight of the Wellness Committee. The following general guidelines exist for all Wellness Program’s:

1. The Wellness Committee members include staff from Student Health Wellness Center, Human Resources, and other interested students, faculty, and staff.

2. The Wellness Committee will have the responsibility to promote activities and events, to disseminate information relevant to health and wellness, and to track involvement.

3. Participation in the Wellness Program is free of charge, however, a membership fee is charged for use of the Wellness Center. Other fees may be charged for events, programming, or promotional items.

4. Wellness Program participants are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all personal clothing and equipment necessary for their chosen wellness activity.

5. Wellness program participants must sign a liability waiver releasing Minot State University from any liability resulting from participation.

6. Wellness Program participation may occur in groups; however,