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Title IX

Concern and Complaint Forms

Before You Begin: If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, dial 9-1-1 or contact MSU Security at (701) 858-4357.

MSU Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Services
The welfare and success of our students is our priority. Interventions are needed when students experience distress that negatively impacts them academically, emotionally, behaviorally, or physically. Distress may result in displays of different types of behaviors that raise concerns. Students in distress may benefit from a personal referral or other personalized outreach to connect them with support resources available on campus. The goal is to support students who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others BEFORE they rise to crisis levels.

Title IX Complaint Form
To file a complaint with the university, please complete and bring this form in person to the Title IX Coordinator’s Office or call to make arrangements for a representative to meet with you at another location. The form can be filed securely online as well. If you are unable for any reason to complete this form and would like to make a verbal complaint, please call the Title IX Coordinator to schedule an appointment. Although the university cannot commit to keeping a complaint of discrimination confidential because of the university’s obligation to investigate the complaint, the university will use its best efforts not to disseminate information concerning the complaint beyond those who have a need to know. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding the process for filing or investigating complaints of discrimination, including sexual harassment. The Title IX Coordinator’s Office is located in the Memorial Hall.

Lisa Dooley
Title IX Coordinator
Memorial Hall, 4th Floor, Room 412
500 University Ave W.
Minot, ND 58707

Anonymous Tip Form
If you wish to advise MSU Security of criminal, suspicious, or dangerous activity in your dorm, building, or work area, please file the form online.

Incident Report Form [pdf]
This form should be completed and sent to the Vice President of Student Affairs to report violations of the Student Conduct Policy.

Student Report Policy & Form [pdf]
This form will be utilized to address student complaints and should be submitted to the VP of Student Affairs.