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 Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Teacher Education Philosophy

The education of teachers is a lifelong pursuit encompassing pre-service preparation; graduate study; and professional development. The primary responsibilities of teachers are to: (1) prepare students to participate in our democratic society, (2) nurture studentsí curiosity about the world, (3) provide access to knowledge, (4) foster skills and attitudes necessary for the application of knowledge, (5) build effective teacher/student relationships, and (6) demonstrate responsible professional behavior.

Therefore, We Believe:

Responsibility for the preparation and continuing development of teachers, must be shared by university faculty, educational practitioners, and the state, through its certification standards;

Teacher Education faculty must model ethical professional practice;

Teacher Education faculty must be involved in both scholarly activities and the field of practice, to continually clarify and expand the professional knowledge base;

Teacher Education faculty must systematically evaluate programs and graduates to assure their continued high quality;

Teacher Education programs must reflect American diversity and prepare professionals to teach in a pluralistic and multicultural society within a global community;

The education of teachers must consist of a rigorous course of study that includes a broad liberal education, academic subject matter preparation, general and content specific preparation in teaching methodology, and knowledge of developmental characteristics of children and youth;

The Teacher Education program and subsequent graduate study must include a wide variety of school -based experience that serve as opportunities for candidates to apply pedagogical knowledge and reflect on its application;

The graduate Teacher Education program must enhance in its candidates the attributes of master teachers, those who possess the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of dedicated, and competent professionals.