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Teacher Education & Human Performance Department

Elementary Education at MSU

Minot State Universityís elementary education graduates are known throughout the nation for their abilities and dedication.

MSU elementary education majors receive multiple experiences working in elementary classrooms. This "hands-on" experience is key to the confidence our students feel when they begin student teaching at the end of their degree program. The program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Do you have what it takes?
The best elementary education teachers like working with young children, have a command of the content they teach, are good at explaining things, have a sense of humor, are fair-minded, know how to manage their time, and how to keep their cool.

Career outlook
Job opportunities for elementary teachers in the coming decade will vary from good to excellent, depending on locality and grade level (U.S. Department of Labor). MSU graduates who are excited about their careers and persistent in their job searches are finding employment.

Coursework for elementary education
MSUís elementary education program is aligned with the Education Standards and Practices Board of North Dakota elementary education teaching license for the grades 1-6.
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» Admission to Teacher Education Paperwork

Elementary education is a program of MSUís Teacher Education and Human Performance Department in the College of Education & Health Sciences.

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