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Athletic Training Program

The Athletic Training Program is an undergraduate Major for Minot State University. The Athletic Training Program requires 120 credits within the major including the student's general education courses. This Program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education To be eligible to take the Board of Certification (BOC) Exam students must graduate from a CAATE accredited program. The Athletic Training Program allows for relationships with local hospitals, clinics, and high schools to provide a comprehensive clinical experience for athletic training majors.

Accreditation Status
The Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Athletic Training is a professional entry-level program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

** Completing the program does not guarantee passage of the very rigorous and competitive exam, and for that reason we strongly advise a double major.

Athletic Training Program Mission
The Minot State University Athletic Training Program's mission is to provide students with an educational experience that will allow them to successfully complete the Board of Certification, Inc.Exam. The Mission of the Athletic Training Program at Minot State University incorporates the University mission to advance knowledge, as well as the critical and creative thinking skills of the Athletic Training Majors.

Minot State University Athletic Training Program Goals

  1. To provide a comprehensive Athletic Training Program that will allow students to successfully complete the Board of Certification, Inc. Exam.
  2. To prepare competent Athletic Trainers who are involved in acting and reflecting on the athletic training educational competencies and content knowledge that they have acquired.
  3. To educate students on the National Athletic Trainers Associations Code of Ethics.
  4. To provide students with the clinical and sideline skills required to successfully performing the duties of an Athletic Trainer.
  5. The Athletic Training major is directly related to the Corporate Fitness major and the Physical Education major at Minot State University. The relationships exist with sharing a common faculty from Instructors to the Dean, sharing a facility with the programs, sharing students within the program, shared equipment, and a shared vision and mission with the Department and University.

The Minot State University Athletic Training Program's mission to provide students with an educational experience through the completion of a curriculum geared towards the BOC, Inc. Exam is directly linked to the mission of the North Dakota University Systems Roundtable by sharing and application of knowledge to foster a vital future for students and the community. The practical application nature of the athletic training program is directly linked to the mission of the NDUS Roundtable's mission of "enhancing the quality of life for all those we serve and the economic and social vitality of North Dakota through the discovery, sharing and application of knowledge"(Strategic Plan, P. 5, April 3, 2008). Faculty and Clinical Faculty teaching and guiding students in a learning environment in which students are socially engaged with community members is a prime example of the Roundtables Mission at work in the Minot State University's Athletic Training Program.

Athletic Training Program Objectives
Students enrolled in the Athletic Training Program will

Board of Certification Exam Pass Rates

Exam Year Number of students taking the exam for the first time Number of students who passed the exam on their first attempt Minot State University's First Time Pass Rate Minot State University's Three Year Aggregate Pass Rate The National First Time Pass Rate **
2013-2014 7 5 71.4% 85.7% 82.6%
2012-2013 4 4 100% 100% 80.8%
2011-2012 3 3 100% 100% 82.3%

**Examination report for 2013-2014 Testing Year Board of Certification (BOC) Certification Examination for Athletic Trainers obtained from on October 13, 2014.

Minot State University has had two graduating classes in the athletic training major. There have been seven students who have graduated from Minot State University with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Athletic Training. As of October 2014, 14 students have taken the Board of Certification, Inc. exam.

Additional Program Information
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