Welcome to the new website of the Minot Symphony Orchestra!

The past several months has seen enormous change to the Minot Symphony Orchestra.  We hope that this website serves as the face of that change.  While the website is not quite finished yet, it is the most functional and easily navigational site that the orchestra has had thus far.  Very soon, new ticketing capabilities will exist on the site that will allow anyone to have the option to buy tickets online in addition to calling the symphony office or mailing in a subscription form.

     During the orchestra’s 87 years of existence, it has no doubt gone through some enormous changes.  While I don’t have adequate information on the history of the MSO’s Music Directorship, I am very aware of the tremendous success that Maestro Dennis Simons had in the past decade of building the audience of the Minot Symphony Orchestra.  Really, folks, it is true that without the audience there would be something incredibly lacking with the orchestra.
     “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
     Well, thanks to you all, the MSO truly does make a sound!
     This Saturday, the MSO will present our “Dance into Spring” concert at 7:30pm.  I cannot even express the anticipation that I have for this performance and sharing these incredible pieces with you all.  In particular, Igor Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite (1919) is a piece that I have conducted several times and consider it a piece that has managed to weave itself into the very fibers of my being.  I simply hope that you all enjoy it as much as the orchestra and I have enjoyed preparing it.  It is a delightfully twisted story of magical creatures, a prince, and a king that has his soul contained in a magic egg!  It has quite a few engaging dances within the piece and some lush, beautiful melodies that will stay with you well beyond the performance.
     Additionally, the first piece on the program (Arturo Marquez:  Danzon No. 2) will have you feeling like you are in a Mexican ballroom with an incredible desire to leap out of your seat and dance.  After that, our guest cellist Madeleine Kabat will tell you a story of festive Spanish dance rhythms and lyricism in Edouard Lalo’s Cello Concerto.  I first worked with Madeleine in 2010 and was instantly in awe of her amazing technique and passion for the music.
     Following the Lalo and the intermission, Faure’s Pavane will put your soul at ease with a delightful 16th century processional dance in which all the sections of the orchestra sing with each other under the base of warm pizzicato (plucked sounds) from the lower stringed instruments.  And, finally, once you are at peace–and, perhaps, a bit sleepy– with the warm sounds that are flowing through your being, we will kick things up a notch with Stravinsky’s Firebird!
     I look forward to seeing you all this Saturday.
Musically yours,
Scott Seaton
Music Director, Minot Symphony Orchestra