MSU - Student Social Work Organization


The MSU Student Social Work Organization is a membership run club. This means that the members decide on everything and the executive board just makes sure things are running along smoothly.

Membership dues for SSWO are $12 per semester. New members are welcome at anytime during the school year. Dues go toward events during the year.

Minot Branch  
President Allett Aberle
Vice President Michele Richardson
Secretary Chad Moore
Treasurer Brenden Bertrand
Parliamentarians N/A
CSO/SA Jennifer Workman
Faculty Rep Alyson Parrill
Publicity Trina Moser
Projects Coordinator Andrea Brown
Membership Natalie Williams
Distance Site Liaison  
Bismarck Branch  
President Heidi Jacobs
Vice President Jeremy Smith
Secretary Jess Wutz
Treasurer Carly Toso
Membership Nichole Finck
Projects Biana Borstad
Publicity Chris Hill

**If you decide to decline from your elected position, please contact the SSWO office right away!!!

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