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Special Education

Online Human Service Career Ladder Certificate and Degrees

Purpose of the Program:
To provide Human Service Professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide effective services and supports that enable individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to lead self-determined and personally satisfying lives.

Career Opportunities
Graduates with a BS in Human Services with a Major in Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities will meet the Federal degree requirements for a Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) also referred to as Program Coordinator or Case Manager in many waivered services. Other career options include leadership and supervisory positions in private and public human service organizations as well as state agencies.

Program Goals

  • Provide exemplary learning experiences
  • Promote Best Practices
  • Recognize Expertise
  • Support Professional Development and Career Paths

Minot State University has been a leader in the preparation of Human Service Professionals for over thirty years. Through a contract with the Developmental Disabilities Division of the Department of Human Services, MSU delivers training for direct support and other professionals statewide. University faculty collaborate with service providers to ensure that the coursework and field experiences have direct application to the challenges faced by human service professionals.

Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a major in Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
To meet the national demand for human service professionals, MSU now offers this established program online for individuals looking for careers in leadership, program planning, and service coordination for children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities in programs throughout the nation.

Earn While You Learn
Agencies often seek to promote direct support professionals who have proven their commitment and skills to these positions, but a bachelor's degree is required to fulfill funding agency requirements. Minot State University's online career ladder is the perfect solution for employers, direct support and other professionals. Service providers are able to retain their valued employees while they earn their degree. Students/Employees may enter and exit the career ladder at the level that matches their career goals:

*In North Dakota, employees of Community Based I/DD service agencies may complete 100-200 level I/DD courses through their employer for recording fees. These courses are also required for the BS in I/DD.

Field Experience
Experiential Learning or Field Experience is a priority at Minot State University. The BS in I/DD program consists of a three-tier field experience model.

TIER 1: The sophomore field experience is completed in a community setting serving individuals with I/DD. This experience may be at the agency where the student is currently employed.
TIER 2: The intermediate field experience is within community settings serving individuals with I/DD and other developmental disabilities. This experience is coordinated with a placement coordinator.
TIER 3: The senior externship or final field experience is distributed between the agency where the student is currently employed and external agencies as coordinated by the placement coordinator.

CORE VALUES: The MSU I/DD programs reflect the following core values consistent with the NADSP Code of Ethics for Direct Support Professionals and the National Association of Qualified Developmental Disability Professionals:

Career Ladder Opportunities

Certificate of Completion in Human Services: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities [More Information]
Students complete SPED 101: Introduction to Developmental Disabilities Services and at least 12 semester hours of electives from the Associate of Science I/DD coursework.

Associate of Science in Human Services: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities [More Information]
Minot State University will award the Associate of Science degree upon satisfactory completion of 27 semester hours of I/DD coursework (courses with *in BS in I/DD Courses) and 38 SH of general education (GE) coursework.

General Education requirements:

Bachelor of Science in Human Services: Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities [More Information]
Graduates of this program typically seek program coordination and supervisory positions in the adult developmental disabilities service industry. Although this degree is designed as a career ladder choice for graduates of MSU's Associate of Science program, the Associate of Science degree is not required for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Developmental Disabilities degree. Like the Associate of Science degree, students in this four-year program take advantage of many paid, hands-on experiences in the I/DD service industry. All courses in the required I/DD core are offered in distance format, either through asynchronous or synchronous online technologies.
BS in I/DD Required Courses:

Minor and/or Concentration(s)—Related Field (26-28 credits) [More Information]
Students in the BS in I/DD complete either an academic minor or two academic concentrations. For semester offerings and full advising session, please contact the Department of Special Education at MSU. General Education and Curricular Diversity Requirements for the BS in I/DD are the same as the AS in I/DD.

Master of Science in Developmental Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder [More Information]
Individuals may earn a M.S. degree in Special Education at Minot State University after successful completion of graduate courses in assessment, behavior intervention, program development, provision of physical care, habilitative techniques, assistive technology, social skills training, parent training, and team planning. The program is available through distance technology for remote students. Anyone interested in pursuing the Master's program should contact the Department of Special Education at MSU

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Program Details
Dr. Evan Borisinkoff, Ph.D
210B Memorial Hall
Minot State University, 500 University Ave. W., Minot ND, 58707
1-800-777-0750 ext. 3055

The Higher Learning Commission
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 6063

National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals (NADSP)
240 Washington Ave Extension, Suite 501
Albany, NY 12203