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Special Education

Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorders (DD/ASD)

Students earning a Masters of Science degree in Special Education with emphasis in Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorders (DD/ASD) may choose a program of study that prepares them to: coordinate school service programs for children with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities including intellectual impairments, physical and/or multiple disabilities, collaborate with non-educational social service agencies, or serve as an educational consultant working for medical and diagnostic agencies in clinical settings. This program will also prepare students to work with individuals with high-functioning autism or Asperger Syndrome and other derivatives of the spectrum.

Subsequently, the DD/ASD program of study will typically include coursework in: assessment, behavior management, program development, program implementation, provision of physical care, habilitative techniques, assistive technology and alternative systems of communication, social skills training, parent training, and the use of various team planning models. After demonstrating mastery of core competencies, trainees may get practical hands-on experience using various service delivery methods in: public schools, community-based service agencies, home-based service settings, and residential service settings.

Finally, to supplement the core competencies delivered in online format, students will be given the opportunity to participate in two (2) on-campus residencies. Residencies will comprise of hands-on assessment practices and inter-agency collaboration for students with DD/ASD throughout the lifespan.

Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorders Emphasis Required Coursework (43-45 SH)
Special Education Core Requirements 22-24 SH
SPED 502 Studies in ASD 2 SH
SPED 529 DD/ASD Comm. & Asst. Tech 2 SH
SPED 530 Physical and Medical Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities 3 SH
SPED 542 Methods/Materials In DD/ASD 3 SH
SPED 544 Social Skills Strategies 2 SH
SPED 546 Intensive Naturalistic Methods 2 SH
SPED 561 Behavior Problems of Exceptional Children 3 SH
Field Experience:
SPED 538 Field Seminar in DD 2 SH
SPED 549 Practicum in ASD 2 SH
Culminating Experience:
SPED 599 Thesis 1-3 SH