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Special Education

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education

The Education of the Deaf Program at MSU prepares educators to effectively teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing in a variety of educational settings. The MSU program embraces a comprehensive approach to preparing teachers with a goal toward providing educators with the knowledge and skills to work with children and their families from a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. The emphasis is on appropriately meeting the individual needs of children and youth, rather than promoting a specific philosophy. Students graduating from MSU will be prepared to work in a wide range of programs.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education Emphasis Required Coursework (50-52 SH)
Special Education Core Requirements 22-24 SH
SPED 513 Deaf Studies 3 SH
SPED 565 Early Intervention Deaf/HH 3 SH
SPED 583 Teaching Speech to Deaf/HH Students 3 SH
SPED 584 Teaching Language to Deaf/HH Student 4 SH
SPED 585 Advanced Aural Rehabilitation 3 SH
SPED 586 Teaching Reading & Academics to Deaf/HH 4 SH
Field Experience:
SPED 515 Practicum 8 SH
*Sign language or other prerequisites may be required
Culminating Experience:
SPED 599 Thesis 1-3 SH