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MSU SOCIAL WORK oriented Scholarships
MSU General Scholarship Application (Current or Returning Students)
General Scholarships

AARP Foundation announces second annual women's scholarship to be awarded to moderate- and lower-income women. The AARP Foundation is accepting applications for the second annual Women's Scholarship Program. The scholarship will provide funds to women 40+ and may be used for any course of study at a public or private secondary school, including community colleges, technical schools, and four-year universities. Funds are payable to the institution and may be used to pay for tuition, fees and books. Interested applicants can submit their application online. The application process closes March 31 of every year and scholarships will be awarded in early summer.Scholarships are available to eligible women with moderate to lower incomes and limited financial resources. To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must be female and age 40 or older as of March 31, be a U.S. citizen, be able to demonstrate financial need, and be enrolled in an accredited school or technical training program within six months of the scholarship award date. Priority is given to women in three categories: those raising the children of another family member; those in low-paying jobs with no career opportunities and who are missing either a retirement benefit and/or health insurance; and those who have been out of the workforce for more than five years. Scholarships may be used for any course of study at a public or private secondary school, including community colleges, technical schools, and four-year universities.

Scholarship winners are chosen by two independent panels established by AARP Foundation. They are chosen on the basis of financial need, personal circumstances and achievements, educational goals, and the likely impact of the scholarship on their lives. The scholarship program is made possible by AARP Foundation donors with generous support from Wal-Mart Foundation and AARP. The Foundation will award up to 100 scholarship awards ranging from $500 to $5,000, depending on financial need and the cost of the education or training program.

Working Moms Can Win a $10,000 Scholarship (ARA) - With a full-time job (or several part-time jobs) and children to raise, working mothers often have very little time to pursue an education. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 80 percent of single working moms lack the education they need to get ahead. This fall, however, working moms can get back to school with a free $10,000 scholarship. is helping working mothers across the country go back to school, advance their education and get ahead in their careers. All U.S. residents over the age of 18 are eligible to win a $10,000 scholarship, but the application deadline is December 15, so act now! Working moms, register today at for your chance to win a $10,000 scholarship to continue your education. Get started with the next phase of your life today.

Catholic Charities North Dakota Scholarship - Awarded annually to three juniors from across the state who are majoring in social work. The requirements for the receipt of this scholarship include: (1) must be currently in their junior year and anticipate completing the social work program the following year, (2) intend to practice social work in North Dakota, (3) have been a resident of North Dakota for four or more years, (4) knowledgeable about and compatible with the basic tenets of the Catholic Church (you need not be Catholic). Application deadline April 1.

Jim Wahlberg Memorial Scholarship - Established in memory of longtime faculty member and social work chair, James Wahlberg. Awarded to a student who has been admitted to the social work program and has a minimum 3.0 GPA in completed core social work classes. Application and Letters are due by 4:00 pm January 30.

North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare, Inc. Scholarship - Awarded annually to up to one (1) graduate and ten (10) undergraduate students, for up to a $500 scholarship. Selection is based on the student's interest in: 1) social welfare reform; 2) advocating for the underprivileged; and 3) being a leader in social welfare issues. Deadline for submission for this scholarship is May 31, 2013

Paul Morrison Scholarship - Awarded to a junior or senior who is majoring in economics, history, social science, or sociology and has a minimum 3.0 GPA. Apply by submitting MSU General Application. Application due by February 15.

ND CAWS Scholarship - Awarded to victims of domestic violence/sexual assault. (Applications available in March, due by June 15.)

Access Scholarship Application - The purpose of this scholarship is to support students with significant disabilities attending Minot State University. To be eligible for the Access Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) semester hours and have a significant sensory or mobility disability. The Access Scholarship is awarded by the North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities Consumer Advisory Council.The deadline is June 1. Application information can be obtained from:

Choice Hotel Employee Benefit - Choice Hotels offers its employees up to $5,000 a year for tuition reimbursement for any degree. These funds can apply toward books.You do not have to be a full-time student. Employees do have to work 30 hours a week minimum to get reimbursed for tuition and keep your benefits. If you are an employee, check out this fantastic benefit for students.

SSWO Scholarship For Single Parents - This is a $500.00 scholarship to be awarded in the fall of 2009 to the recepient. The deadline for applying is September 1. The scholarship will be awarded on September 30. You must be a single parent, custodial or non-custodial, who has declared Social Work as your major at Minot State University. This is for full or part time students and there is no minimum academic GPA required. - Resource link to many available scholarships.

LTCSWND Scholarship - One $500.00 scholarship will be awarded yearly to a qualified Sophomore, Junior or Senior college student interested in a career in Long Term Care. Criteria for applicants include: Sophomore, Junior or Senior accepted to an accredited BSW program; 3.0 grade point average or better; demonstrated interest in Long Term Care or geriatrics. Application procedure can be obtained from : LTCSWND Web Site: or writing to Bethany on 42nd, c/o Katie Schmidt. LSW, 4255 30th Ave S., Fargo, ND 58104 Phone: 701-478-8929 (Fax # 701-478-8920) Deadline April 15th . Winner will be notified by May 31st and funds will be awarded in time for the fall semester. Winner will receive written notification.

John & Lucille Decker Endowment - named after longtime Minot community supporters who strongly believed in the importance of education, this endowed scholarship will support the Deckers' wishes for students to fulfill their potential and in turn, be strong supporters of the Minot community and Minot State Uiversity. Contact the advacement office for more information.

As a former student and recipient of several scholarships put it, "You should look for and submit your application to all scholarships you may be eligible for. If you're not sure, but think you might be eligible, apply anyway! The worst they can say is no." Students should also check on scholarships through organizations to which their parents or grandparents belong. Social work students have also been awarded scholarships from the following additional organizations:

   * Stephen Bufton Memorial (ABWA - American Business Women's Association)
   * Orvald Bjerken Fund (MSU)
   * AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary
   * AMVETS Career Start.
   * ND Women's Opportunity Scholarship Fund (through NDCAWS)

Phi Alpha Honor Society, the National Honor Society for Undergraduate Social Work, has a local chapter at Minot State University through the Social Work Program.  Students are eligible to join if they meet the following membership criteria...have declared social work as major; have been accepted into the social work program; have completed the first four courses in social work curriculum; at least two must be through Minot State University; have achieved an overall grade point average of 3.0 out of possible 4.0; and, have achieved a 3.25 grade point average in social work courses.

Phi Alpha was established in 1962.  The purposes of the Honor Society, are to “provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.”  Further, Phi Alpha “fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.”  At present, there are 62 chapters of the Honor Society in schools around the country.

St. Joseph's Community Health Foundation Scholarship - This scholarship was established by the Board of Directors of St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation in 2014 in recognition of the need for Social Workers in the counties of Bottineau, Burke, McHenry, McLean, Mountrail, Pierce, Renville, Rolette, Sheridan, Ward and Wells counties in North Dakota. This Scholarship assists students interested in achieving their goal to become a professional in the field of Social Work.

St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation will award one Social Work student a $2,000.00 dollar scholarship to be awarded in the fall. (Application due March 6th to the MSU Social Work Department.)“