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Social Work

Student Handbook


The Social Work Program is committed to preparing students to understand and appreciate human diversity as outlined in the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards(2004) Incorporation of materials on cultural diversity is regarded as an important and necessary component of the social work and liberal arts curriculum. Emphasis on the development of self awareness, reading of pertinent resource materials, and the use of community resources are ongoing throughout the program. Opportunities for active participation and appreciation of diversity are promoted through events such as the annual Minot State University Honors Dance and Spring Celebration, and attendance at multicultural programs, lectures and events in both the community and on campus.

Affirmative Action
The Minot State University Social Work Program is organized and implemented without discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, age, creed, ethnic or national origin, handicap, or political or sexual orientation.

Americans with Disabilities Act
The Social Work Program supports the full intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students who are able to satisfy the demands of the curriculum with or without reasonable accommodations are accepted into the program without regard to disability.

Social Work at Minot State University
As stated in the Minot State University Undergraduate Catalog, 2004-2006, the Social Work Program “…prepares students to meet the human service needs of the region, in particular, the needs of vulnerable populations within the rural and Native American communities” (p. 82).

Included in the goals of the program is preparation of the baccalaureate level social worker for beginning generalist practice in western North Dakota and the neighboring regions with emphasis on rural and poverty situations.

The faculty make up at Minot State University has been from both the immediate region as well as from a host of other national areas. The Social Work Program faculty has a history of academic work and direct practice experience in North Dakota. The faculty share a strong commitment to the education of students for practice in this state and region.

Regional geographic and cultural activities are enhanced by providing learning opportunities through direct contact with area social work practitioners, attendance at state and local conferences, activities and involvement in various volunteer opportunities, and participation in community needs assessments and public forums. Students have the opportunity to complete their practicum in Minot, in other areas of North Dakota, as well as out of state where the needs of students and resources of the schools can be matched for the optimal benefit of student, school and agency. Much of the impetus of the practicum placement includes experiences with American Indian populations and organizations, rural service experiences and the transfers of military dependents.

Active student participation is considered an important aspect of the Social Work Program at Minot State University. This involvement is facilitated in various ways, including student involvement in regular program committees, and the Student Social Work Organization (SSWO).

All social work students are strongly encouraged to join the Student Social Work Organization (SSWO). SSWO promotes professional development as well as unity and fellowship among students, faculty, staff, and professionals both on campus and in the community at large. The organization provides students the opportunity to associate with one another in professional dialogue, special events, service projects and social functions.

Because of the student/faculty ratio on the Minot State campus (30/1), classes are generally small, offering maximum faculty/student exchange.

Revised (July, 2005)