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Social Work

Student Handbook

"The purposes of social work education are to prepare competent and effective professionals, to develop social work knowledge, and to provide leadership in the development of service delivery systems."(SEWE Educational Policy and Accreditation standards. 1.4, Page 4, 2004)

The Social Work Program Student Handbook has been developed in order to present an overall description of the Social Work Program at Minot State University. The Handbook includes both a background and a description of the elements of the program. Among the topics covered are history, program goals and objectives, formal admission procedures, curriculum, the advisement process, field placement, expected code of conduct, formal committee structures and specific academic and professional policies and procedures. Program outcomes are described and tracked through a description of all required social work courses, and our 2005 revised MSU Social Work program curriculum map[pdf].

This Handbook is offered as a guide to be used throughout the studentís educational experience at Minot State University. Students are expected to read the Handbook and use it as an ongoing reference. It is strongly recommended that each student work closely with and meet with their social work faculty advisor on a regular basis to discuss their progress and any questions that may arise.