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Social Work


Social Work Program

To apply to the Minot State University Social Work Program, students must have:

  1. Successful completion of:
    • SWK 250
    • SWK 256
  2. Successful completion of required prerequisites:
    • ENGL     110         College Composition I
    • ENGL     120         College Composition II
    • BIOL      111         Concepts of Biology
    • PSY       111         Introduction to Psychology
    • SOC       110         Introduction to Sociology
    • ECON     201         Principles of Microeconomics     OR
      • ECON    202         Principles of Macroeconomics
    • POLS      115         American Government
  3. Second semester sophomore standing or higher (minimum 32 credits);
  4. Social Work GPA for Admissions is calculated on SWK 250 and 256.  Applicants may petition to have SWK 330 and/or SWK 331 included in the calculation; 
  5. Social Work GPA of 2.5 at Admissions;
  6. Overall grade point of 2.00 which is consistent with the MSU requirement of 2.00 in all departments for graduation;
  7. Satisfactory review of the completed Admissions Application packet;
  8. Personal interview with the Admissions Committee;
  9. Successful completion and evaluation of a minimum of 50 hours of experience in a community service setting (taken in conjunction with SWK 250 or by arrangement for transfer students);
  10. Demonstrated the following:
    • The potential to effectively engage in social work practice;
    • Personal behavior, ethics and values which illustrate acceptance of and compliance with the NASW Code of Ethics; and,
    • Potential for eligibility for licensure by the North Dakota Board of Social Work Examiners (NDBSWE).

Admissions Committee Considerations

The Admissions Committee considers the following factors in its selection:

  1. Demonstrated successful academic performance and other work performance as applicable, including a demonstrated commitment to scholarship
  2. Critical thinking skills and problems solving abilities
  3. A basic level of communication skills and oral expression
  4. College level writing skills
  5. Interpersonal skills including the ability to establish rapport and work well with others (fellow students, faculty, staff, supervisors, etc.)
  6. Overall presentation of self that includes attitude, maturity, knowledge, values and beginning level competency appropriate to the standards of the social work profession
  7. Potential for professional development as demonstrated by
    • ability to accept and respond to feedback and constructive criticism
    • willingness to address areas of concern that might interfere with effectiveness as a future helper
    • initiative and self-directed behavior
    • motivation to pursue a career in the field of social work
    • reliability in carrying out responsibilities (class attendance, punctuality, dependability, observes assignment deadlines, etc.)
    • openness to learning and change; ability to take in new information
    • leadership abilities
    • performance under pressure
  8. Integrity, moral and ethical behavior in adherence to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics
  9. Demonstrated personal behavior which upholds professional standards of conduct, and shows acceptance of appropriate responsibility for own behavior
  10. Sensitivity to and respect for human diversity, with ability to relate to people who are different from oneself and a basic capacity for nonjudgmental behavior toward individuals whose values, beliefs and lifestyles may be different from the student’s own
  11. A basic level of self-awareness and insight in assessing strengths and challenges as they might impact carrying out professional responsibilities.


[pdf format - not editable]                          
General Admission Criteria
Admissions Packet  
Code of Conduct Form
Request for Change of Acceptance Status Instructions UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Explore requirements for pursuing licensure as a social worker in ND

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Admissions Packet