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Butterflies of North Dakota

Profusely illustrated in color, the new 2nd edition of Butterflies of North Dakota is more than an annotated list, more than an atlas, and more than a field guide. It provides a comprehensive reference for all the state's butterflies. It is designed to grace a coffee table, occupy a naturalist's field pack, or endure the vagaries of long library circulation. Each of the state's 148 recorded species is given a page entirely to itself, complete with multiple color images of North Dakota phenotypes plus text entries on identification, larval hosts, flight times, life history references, and geographic distribution, including a map showing each county of confirmed occurrence. Each compendium of related pages is set off by an introductory section on the family to which the included species belong, and each of these introductory sections presents photographs of unmanipulated representative living examples within their North Dakota habitats.

Dr. Royer instituted the Atlas of North Dakota Butterflies project in 1988, in synchrony with publication of the first ("workbook") edition of this monograph. He has been Great Plains Coordinator for the annual Season Summary of the Lepidopterists' Society since 1989.

Butterflies of North Dakota Order Form [pdf]