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Registrar's Office

Class Attendance

Instructors are required to report course enrollment. After the seventh day of a regular (16-week) session in fall/spring and the fourth day of a summer or eight-week session, instructors are required to report students who have never attended any class sessions or logged into their Internet course(s). If such absence is reported by the instructor, the Registrarís Office will administratively drop or withdraw the student. As a result a "W" will be recorded on the studentís official transcript and the course(s) will be subject to published refund policies. The Registrarís Office will send a letter to the student notifying him/her of the changes in his/her enrollment status. If the student would like to re-enroll in the course(s), he/she must obtain approval of the instructor and the chair overseeing the course with a department/division stamp provided by the department/division offices.

Students are expected to attend all class sessions of any course for which they are registered. Prior to an instructor reporting course enrollment, instructors may cancel a student who is registered for a course but fails to attend any of the first three hours of class meeting time during the first ten instructional days. This rule allows for early identification of class vacancies to permit other students to add closed classes. Students who know they will be absent from any class should contact the instructor in advance.

However, lack of attendance does NOT guarantee automatic cancellation for students. Each student is held accountable for those courses selected at the time of registration. Only a "drop" properly processed by web registration will assure the student that a class has been dropped from his/her schedule of classes. Failure to officially drop a class or withdraw from the University will result in failing marks on the studentís record.

Students are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions. A student who does not complete assigned academic work because of absence from class is responsible for making up that work in accordance with instructions provided by the faculty member teaching the course. Faculty may establish attendance standards and will determine whether a student will be permitted to make up work missed as a result of absence(s).

Minot State University has a commitment to students who represent the University in official capacities, such as in inter-collegiate athletic events, music, theatrical, and other college-approved activities. In enforcing their absence policy, it is recommended that faculty give due consideration to the important role that extracurricular activities play in the development of students, as well as to the benefits they provide to both our University and community.

Students must notify instructors of any scheduled absences within the first two weeks of the semester. In the case of later scheduled events, the instructor must be informed of the event as soon as possible. Instructors are encouraged to advise students of their absence policy at the beginning of the semester.

Faculty members who schedule co-curricular activities conflicting with a studentís other scheduled class sessions will be responsible for giving students as much advance notice as possible. The student will be expected to inform his/her other instructors and arrange for whatever makeup work, including examinations, may be required. If a satisfactory arrangement cannot be made, the student may appeal to the Dean of the college of the course in which he/she is enrolled. As a courtesy to students and faculty, the Student Life Office contacts faculty on behalf of the student for the following emergencies only if the student will be absent from classes for more than one week:

Please Note: Notifying the Student Life Office or faculty members through the Public Information Office DOES NOT constitute an excused absence. It is up to the discretion of the professor whether or not students will be excused from class or allowed to make up any missed work. Faculty members requiring an excuse to make up missed work must obtain it directly from the student.

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