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Rural Crime and Justice Center (RCJC)

Nationwide Rural Area Law Enforcement Study (NRALES)

The purpose of this project was to conduct an evaluation of three critical areas for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center’s National Center for State and Local Law Enforcement Training.

  1. Nationwide Training Needs Assessment

Surveys were developed and administered to both law enforcement and community leaders that serve populations of less than 50,000.  Information and data were gathered and analyzed in the following areas:

    2.    Training and Delivery Methods Evaluation

A complete training evaluation was conducted of the National Center’s training programs to include Direct Delivery, Train the Trainer and Secondary Students.  This evaluation focused on the following areas:

In addition, an evaluation of the National Center’s Train the Trainer and Direct Delivery programs was conducted to determine the effectiveness of these programs in the following areas:

and provide summary statistics in the following areas:

    3.    Marketing Evaluation

Small town and rural law enforcement agencies nationwide were surveyed to collect data that would provide specific information identifying marketing tools, recourses, media and methods that agencies use in order to provide the National Center with information on how it should:

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