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Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP)

Welcome to Minot State University and its Community

Mission Statement
The mission of the Campus Violence Prevention Program (CVPP) is to eliminate sexual and intimate partner violence. CVPP's mission is accomplished by offering culturally competent awareness and prevention programs to Minot State University community.

Program Overview
CVPP began in November of 2012, as a Minot State University program overseen by the Rural Crime and Justice Center (RCJC) and funded by a grant from the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW), that is dedicated to providing education and prevention services to the greater University community.

Your Guide to Safe University Living

Welcome to Minot where you will be able to explore the distinctiveness and diversity of its community. Being a member of the Minot State University community gives you the opportunity to experience the advantages of city life with the support of various resources.

While the University takes measures to ensure a safe campus environment, it is important to keep in mind that a level of responsibility for crime prevention and personal safety also rests with each individual. Whether you are a longtime resident of the city or a newcomer to Minot, we encourage you to spend a few minutes reviewing the contents of this website.