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Rural Crime and Justice Center (RCJC)

About RCJC

RCJC Mission Statement:
The mission of the Rural Crime and Justice Center is to conduct research, evaluation, training and training administration through a well-educated and experienced staff utilizing state of the art technology.

RCJC Vision Statement:
The vision of the RCJC is to serve as a credible source of knowledge and expertise regarding evaluation, research, and development of drug prevention and criminal justice related training initiatives that lasts for years to come.

RCJC Goals and Objectives:

  1. Seek grant solicitations that are in line with the mission and vision of RCJC.
  2. Continuously seek grant solicitations that will diversify future opportunities and sustain financial support.
  3. Explore new grant initiatives in a timely manner to capitalize on those that match the strengths of the RCJC organization.
  4. Be a recognized expert in the field of research and evaluation.
  5. Expand our current technology to efficiently and effectively meet our customers’ needs.

RCJC Business Philosophy:
The Rural Crime and Justice Center provides timely and accurate research and evaluation through the use of proven methodology. Comprehensive reports of facts, findings and recommendations are produced by experienced writers that have a wide variety of education and expertise.

The Rural Crime and Justice Center has addressed and explored the unique characteristics of rural crime and deviance. We have provided classroom and satellite training (in partnership with local, many state, & federal agencies), conducted research on rural criminal justice issues, and provided education to the general public. Since our inception, we have been involved in additional federal, state, & local initiatives including:

  1. Rural Law Enforcement Education Project
  2. Nationwide Rural Area Law Enforcement Study
  3. Nationwide Police Pursuit Training Study
  4. Project Safe Neighborhood
  5. Rural Methamphetamine Education Project
  6. Domestic Violence Projects
  7. National Survey of Female Police Officers: Attitudes, Motivations, Perceptions, & Experiences
  8. POST Examination Project
  9. Justice and the Disabled
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