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Feverishly embracing the excitement of MSU's Centennial

Centennial Fever: (noun) an infectious local affliction caused by extreme excitement. Symptoms include enthusiasm, joy, non-stop entertainment and fun. Centennial fever has struck Minot State University campus and Josh Sandy, MSU Student Government Association president, plans to keep the excitement contagious!

"One of the biggest challenges this year will be in finding ways to keep up the energy and spirit of my fellow students, along with MSU faculty and staff," Sandy said. "Last year there was a lot of focus on events and issues at the state level. In light of certain changes, and with the MSU Centennial Celebration in full swing, my hope is to focus my energy on campus related concerns."

Sandy, a junior majoring in public relations, was voted into office in April. His interest and motivation for joining SGA was inspired by his classmates. No stranger to leadership roles or participating in student organizations, he admitted that being class president wasn't something he necessarily considered when he first came to MSU.

"I used to be pretty shy, but in high school all that sort of changed," Sandy confessed. "I got involved in sports and student organizations like the Future Business Leaders of America. When I came to MSU, I remember coming across a list of open SGA positions and thought, ‘this is something I could do!' My classmates inspired and encouraged me to do it."

As SGA president, Sandy practices what he preaches about student engagement. Many new students will recognize him from his active involvement in the new students' Transitions orientation program this past summer.

"It's a really great idea for new students to get involved and see that they can make a difference. To be a successful student, you have to be able to put aside your fear and try to keep the bigger picture in mind. Everyone is here for an education, but it's also important to be here for the full experience. The more you get involved, the more fun you will have, and the greater your college adventure will be."