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Left to right: Dianne (Moen) Zimmerman (1968), retired teacher, Madison, Wis.; Arlene (Malnaa) Hett (1967), retired university administrator, Vancouver, Wash.; Bonnie (Bakken) North (attended 1963-1965), retired food broker, Peoria, Ariz.; and Patricia (Huettl) Burckhard (1966), retired school administrator, Glendale, Ariz.
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Former residents of McCulloch Hall seeking soul sisters

This is a challenge to McCulloch Hall residents from 1962 to1964.

Fifty years ago in 1962, four women met at Minot State Teachers College and subsequently became life-long friends. In March, they celebrated St. Patrick's Day together in Palm Springs, Calif.

When they met this year, they pored over old pictures and scrapbooks and laughed until they cried. Their husbands joined them and had a wonderful time catching up.

The friends reminisced about the "hardships" of 1962, such as being required to be in their rooms by 10 o’clock; not being allowed to wear slacks in the library (even in winter); and a multitude of notes from the housemother, Mrs. Mabel Rogers, reminding them to dust their rooms. Pat Burckhard recalled putting a sign in her dorm window that said "Help! I'm Campused!” hoping that President Lura, who lived across the street, would come to her rescue. No such luck. Burckhard had to serve her campus time just like other women caught out of their rooms after 10 p.m.

Left to right: Arlene (Malnaa) Hett; Pat (Huettl) Burckhard; Dianne (Moen) Zimmerman

McCulloch Hall was a new dorm in 1962 when this group moved in to begin their college years. Pat Huettl from Garrison and Bonnie Bakken from Fargo lived in room 124, and Dianne Moen from Michigan, N.D., and Arlene Malnaa from Deering moved into room 104. A postcard from that time states, "McCulloch Hall is beautifully furnished with lounge and recreational facilities." The women recalled the lounge as the only place male visitors were allowed in the dorm. However, several men did make it into the rooms during the famous "panty raids" of that era.

Left to right: Arlene (Malnaa) Hett and Pat (Huettl) Burckhard

After receiving the spring Connections magazine and reading the article about Garnet Cox, this foursome has decided to travel to Minot in September for the 2013 Homecoming festivities celebrating Minot State University’s 100th anniversary.

The group extends a challenge to other women who lived in McCulloch Hall in the early 60's: Come to Minot for the Centennial Homecoming Celebration (Sept. 26-28), so the reminiscing can intensify.

Be There or Be Square!

This article was submitted by Arlene (Malnaa) Hett ’67. For more information on MSU Centennial Homecoming events, visit