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Bekka Ryan's stick-to-it-ive-ness is only part of her success

Every May, Minot State University is bustling with seniors preparing for graduation. Amid the flurry of last-minute projects, finals and preparations for graduation, it is also a time when many reflect on the people and events that inspired them to succeed.

Senior and transfer student Rebecca "Bekka" Ryan wistfully reflected on her time at MSU. She fondly credits many of MSU's faculty, staff and on-campus programs with helping her achieve her goals. However, her father, an MSU alumnus, and a family friend have been most influential.

"The people who helped me succeed the most have been my father, Thomas P. Ryan, and my close family friend and mentor, Carrie Cook," Ryan said. "Both of these people helped me realize my educational dreams through constant support and drive, and by ensuring that I always give my best effort in every aspect of my educational life, either through academic projects, extracurricular involvement or job-related duties. I have grown into the expectations thrust upon me at a young age by these two people."

Looking from the outside in, success appears second nature to this bright, creative and tenacious student. She has been active as the Student Government Association's director of state affairs while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in education with a major in music education, a minor in art and an honors concentration. But this hasn't always been the case for Ryan. Music, art, family and friends have given her the inspiration, perspective, insight and strength to succeed. Most of all, her determination gave her the spirit she needed to endure and achieve.

"My greatest challenge as a student at MSU has been learning to put my goals first in my life," Ryan said. "By figuring out what I truly want to achieve, and then going full speed ahead to that end, I have found that anyone can accomplish almost anything if they have enough tenacity and ‘stick-to-it-ive-ness.'

Another challenge facing Ryan is saying good bye to all the friends she has made while at MSU. Her ready participation in the SGA, music and art have garnered her many friends. She will be joining the graduating class of 2013 as they celebrate commencement on May 10.