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Completing a lifelong dream through education

It's not unusual for students to enter college as freshmen, uncertain of their future. However, for Corbin Zerr, Minot State University co-president of the English Club, following her childhood dream to be an educator is what drew her to MSU's education and speech-language pathology programs.

"I can't pinpoint exactly when I knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I believe the idea started at a young age. Growing up, we had school desks and a chalkboard downstairs, so my brothers and I would play school," Zerr explained. "By the time I graduated high school, I realized that I wanted to become an English teacher. I want to make a lasting impact on others and to be able to help and guide students, the way others have been so gracious in helping and guiding me."

Her enthusiasm for helping others led her to various MSU peer mentoring and tutoring programs, such as the Providing Opportunities with Enhanced Resources program and the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning. Through advocacy, mentoring, exploration and inspiration, both programs empower students to engage in their educational experiences. Zerr advocates the mission of both.

"My freshman year was the hardest, just for the sake of adjusting. However, there were programs on campus, such as POWER and CETL, in addition to guidance from professors and my advisor, that helped me find direction and motivation," Zerr said.

As an MSU senior and future educator, she advises all new students to take advantage of the various campus programs, and to get involved in campus activities.

"From experience," Zerr said, "I can tell you that getting involved early on truly helps with adjusting to life as a new student at MSU. Your experience is what you make of it, so it's important to make the most of the amazing opportunities here at MSU."

Zerr is a currently a student teacher at Minot High School's Magic City Campus through MSU's education program. She graduates with her bachelor's degree in English education in May 2013.