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Brad Bingen finds balance and success in being involved

College can be intimidating, especially in a new town. However, as Brad Bingen discovered, challenges can become opportunities, with the right attitude and a little help from friends.

Bingen, a junior majoring in physical education, transferred to Minot State in spring 2011 after attending community college in Oregon. Although he was born in Minot, Bingen's family moved to Oregon when he was seven and moved back in 2010.

"When I first came to Minot, the challenge was to try and adapt and meet new people," Bingen said. "Although I'm from here, and I have family members who work at MSU, it was kind of familiar. Still it was kind of hard and intimidating at first."

After orientation, Bingen found people very welcoming and helpful, but it wasn't until he discovered the POWER Center that he found his personal rhythm.

"Tiffany, Jancy and Holly(in the POWER Center) gave me great resources. They helped me find tutors for some of my classes, helped me figure out my class schedule and they gave me great moral support and suggestions on how I could succeed inside and outside the university," Bingen said. "They are an amazing group of ladies."

Bingen flourished under their guidance. He reprioritized his personal agenda, choosing to cut back work hours and spend more time involved in campus life. Bingen signed on as a POWER peer mentor, assisting new students, much like he once was. He is a CONNECTIONS leader at freshmen orientation, an MSU Student Ambassador and is involved in several student groups such as Lutheran Campus Ministries, Campus Crusade for Christ and Minot State Club of Physical Educators. Helping others, he says, keeps things in balance for him as well.

"I have learned to keep an optimistic attitude and not to leave anything to the last minute. It's about finding balance, and doing your best," he said. "But I always make sure I find time to have fun, because fun is what makes my university experience more enjoyable."