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SGA President Lindsey Nelson personifies Beaver tradition and community service

After a three-year "guy-spell," MSU's Student Government Association once again has a female in charge. "Big deal," you might think. But of the 75 SGA presidents since1938, only 10 were women. The first female, Jane Kostenko, took the helm in 1978, and the remaining nine have led at one time or other since 1987.

SGA President Lindsey Nelson, a junior majoring in communication disorders, is used to responsibility. An older sister to two brothers, Lindsey grew up on a farm outside of Bainville, Mont., (unofficial) population 400. In her graduating class of five, it's a safe bet that Nelson was involved in many extracurricular activities.

Originally set to attend Montana State University, Nelson reconsidered her college options two months before graduation and chose Minot State as her new home.

"I chose MSU for a number of reasons," Nelson said. "I realized that Minot State is closer to home and it offered the communication disorders program. And in-state resident tuition offered to out-of-state students is a huge drawing factor. My mom, two aunts and my grandpa all came to Minot State, so I'm a third generation Beaver."

Nelson's MSU Wellness Center grand opening speech

A career in speech-language pathology piqued Nelson's attention when her youngest brother required speech therapy. Nelson was hooked after job-shadowing her brother's therapist, an MSU graduate.

Nelson ran for SGA president because she recognized the potential for leadership opportunities on campus. She plans to finalize the student grades consortium, a project that encourages transparent and timely faculty-student communication on grade reporting. SGA also discussed ways to rejuvenate student spirit on campus, although she feels this effort has already begun.

"If you go around campus, you'll feel this buzz," she said. "The Beaver Creek Cafe, Beaver Dam, the club fair last week - there's a lot of excitement around. We hope to reach out and invite our off-campus students to events, because they are a part of our university as well."

Nelson also wants to promote SGA within the community to raise MSU community service visibility.

"Last year with the flood we had a lot of opportunities to get out into the community and give back. This year so far, we have participated in community service at the Zoo, through student orientation. I think we will be able to work as a team to accomplish these things. We have a lot of great people in student government, with a lot of energy and ambition."