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Hannibel Brock: advancing her dream at MSU

It is common for young children to dream of becoming an actress or an astronaut. Most often, those dreams subside over time. The oldest of four and nicknamed "the humanitarian," Hannibel Brock has dreamt of being a doctor since she was 5. Now a Minot State University sophomore majoring in chemistry, Brock is working hard to someday attend medical school.

"I like science. It challenges me, and I like a challenge: knowing more about humans and how they work," Brock said. "I love helping people, and I always wanted to be a medical doctor."

Before coming to MSU, Brock lived in the capital city of Accra, Ghana, with an urban population of 6 million people. How did a strong, confident, be family-oriented, independent girl from West Africa end up in Minot, North Dakota? The answer is simple: Kodwo Annan, Brock’s uncle and MSU assistant professor of mathematics and computer science, was a major champion in promoting MSU. He said the university had a small, friendly campus and a good pre-medical program.

After pursuing her career path at boarding school in Ghana, Brock researched universities throughout her home country and the United Kingdom. Brock decided to come to the United States because she felt the experience and education would be superior.

"In my opinion, the U.S. is the most developed, the most knowledgeable country in the medical field," Brock said.

Brock describes Ghana’s weather as "summer all year round" and found after two N.D. winters, being an international student wasn’t easy. To adjust, Brock relied on the familiar faces of her family in Minot and the half dozen Ghanaian students at MSU. She also participates in many clubs and organizations, which keep her engaged with other students on campus.

Brock will graduate from MSU in 2014 and continue her education at an American medical school. She would like to practice medicine in the U.S. for a few years, as her way of saying "thank you," before returning to Ghana.

"I will go back to help my people," Brock said.