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Edwards making the most of destiny

Long before Ben Edwards set foot in North Dakota, things were set in motion that would one day lead him to Minot State University.

While in high school, Edwards attended a college fair, and a group of his classmates were all clamoring about MSU.

"We were all at this fair, and Minot was there. I had never even driven across the border, but everything the school had to offer was amazing," Edwards said. "I just jokingly said, ĎWell, I guess Iím going to Minot State.í I wasnít really thinking much about it then."

But the more he thought about it - and the better his golf game got - the more MSU seemed like the right place to be.

Then he got a call from MSU head golf coach Dwight "Chipper" Farrell.

"Chipper called me and this big, booming voice said ĎThis is Chipper Farrell and we want you to play golf for usí," said Edwards. "I wanted to go to the States to play. Golf is what brought me here. I wanted to travel to as many places as possible and Chipper was offering to basically do that with golf."

Once here, Edwards excelled at most everything he did. When he first started school, he was a business major. That quickly changed to a triple major in marketing, management and international business.

On the course, it was much of the same. He finished eighth in the Dakota Athletic Conference as a freshman, earning All-DAC honors. He was sixth overall the next two seasons, again making the All-DAC team. His second-place finish as a senior earned him the DAC Co-Most Valuable Player award with teammate Casey Gleich. In all four seasons, the Beavers won the DAC team title.

"Ben has been a great guy to have around our program for four years," Farrell said. "He was on some awfully good teams as a supporting guy and excelled at that. Once it became Ďhis teamí to lead, he did a great job at that as well. There havenít been very many players who have been more successful around Minot State golf."

"Golf has given me a lot of confidence," Edwards said. "It got me out of my shell, and I have had a lot of goals - Iím a list guy - and it feels good to be able to cross some of those goals off my list. Not just the golf goals, but all around."

Edwards achieved another goal this summer by being accepted into graduate school at MSU to pursue a Masterís of Science in management. That started a new chapter in his golfing career, as he was named an assistant coach for the 2011-12 season.

"It hasnít kicked in yet," he said when asked about his collegiate playing days being over. "A lot of what I have done for four years is get something done, then go play golf."

While his collegiate playing days are over, he still is looking to travel to places he never thought possible growing up.

"Itís just been cool to see some of the places we have been. Even, you know, South Dakota, was interesting for me because I basically didnít know where that was growing up. Iowa at the regional last year, too," he said, "I find that interesting.

"Thatís what I believe a degree like international business can do for me; find more interesting places to go."