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An unquenchable thirst for all things good

Upon first meeting Minot State University student Max Buchholz, one is easily enthralled. Buchholz is a talker, writer, Spanish-language lover, traveler, busy bee, future health care provider and Mu Sigma Tau fraternity president. Basically, a guy going a million directions at the same time, all the while remaining upbeat and witty. This year, Buchholz added another descriptor to his long list of monikers: MSU Student Government Association president.

"Students are the focus on this campus and keeping the campus a lively place is always a goal," said Buchholz.

Dedication and leadership are nothing new to Buchholz. As a senior at Minot High School in 2008, he served as MHS president of Student Council. Like then, Buchholz is looking forward to representing all students this academic year. He hopes to be the voice for things that matter to students and to encourage dialog with MSU’s administration.

"All the changes that have occurred in the last five years have created a momentum that makes this a really exciting time to be an MSU student, and people are fired up about what campus has to offer," Buchholz said.

Buchholz finds inspiration and passion for his duties come as a result of his work at Camp of the Cross during the past few summers. During his freshman year at MSU, one of Buchholz’ close friends tried to convince him that working at camp would be more adventurous than the usual 8-to-5 job. Buchholz initially wrote off the invitation but changed his mind when he found out a photographer was needed. Fulfilling his passion for photography was a coincidence that Buchholz could not ignore and within the first two weeks at camp, knew he would return. Camp taught Buchholz how to work hard, manage his time and not let opportunities slip away.

As SGA president, Buchholz cares about each student having a good university experience. Every day, Buchholz is excited to wake up and strives to be proud of his accomplishments.

"I want not just myself, but the whole SGA to be remembered for being engaged and bringing excitement to campus," Buchholz said.