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John Girard
Twenty-first century Renaissance man

In corporate America, it is generally accepted that knowledge is power; but only if you know where to find it.

John Girard, Ph. D., professor of graduate and undergraduate business classes at MSU, is the founder and chief knowledge strategist of Sagology (, a firm dedicated to connecting people to facilitate collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing. Girard is also an international speaker who captivates his audience online, in class or at a conference. He recently returned from Abu Dhabi, where he was the closing keynote speaker at Knowledge Management Middle East 2011.

"I love doing what I get to do," Girard said. "My job is a good balance of academia and real-world experience, which I think is a powerful way of learning. My favorite part, though, is working with the students."

An author of more than 30 articles and chapters for peer-reviewed or trade journals and books, Girard brings his research and travel experiences into the classroom. He feels students enjoy his real-life examples and knowing that when they challenge a particular thought in one of his books, they are challenging the writer.

His students echo Girardís passion. Nick Bowersox, a cost estimator at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, took online business classes from Girard and was impressed by his individual attention to students.

"MSU was my second masterís degree," Bowersox said. "Dr. Girard called me and asked why. He encouraged me to consider a Ph.D. and helped me pursue my dreams in academia."

Peter Vecchiarelli, a former graduate student in the Job Corps Executive Management Program, couldnít agree more.

"Dr. Girardís continued mentorship assisted in my pursuing a MPH-Ph.D. program," said Vecchiarelli. "I find him to be an engaging facilitator, with high ethics, who is always available and committed."

The Council of College Faculties elected Girard as the 2010 - 11/2011-12 faculty advisor to the State Board of Higher Education. He will serve two one-year terms ending June 30, 2012.

Prior to coming to MSU, Girard spent 24 years in the Canadian Forces, retiring in 2004 with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

The City and Guilds of London Institute awarded Girard the Insignia Award for his research into the application of robotic technology and appointed him a member of the City and Guilds Institute. In 2003, he received the Chartered Manager designation from the Canadian Institute of Management. In 2004, Girard earned the Best Academic Paper award at Seventh Annual World Congress on Intellectual Capital and Innovation.

Girard is a graduate of Touro University (now Trident University International), where he completed a Ph.D. in business administration and an M.B.A., and of the University of Manitoba where he achieved a BSc with a computer science major.