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Aaron Jaeger
Cool, confident and ... busy

Dale Carnegie once said, "Action breeds confidence and courage." Aaron Jaeger personifies it.

Jaeger, a Minot State University senior majoring in graphic design with minors in marketing, management and business information technology, wears many hats. She is involved in Student Ambassadors, First-Year Experience peer-mentor program, Art Club, Student Government Association and APEX (Aspiration for Professional Excellence). She is also a student worker for MSUís Information Technology Center and a future business owner.

And if thatís not enough, recently Jaeger won an AdFed award and was elected SGAís director of entertainment.

"I enjoy being busy," said Jaeger.

A native of Washburn, N.D., Jaeger was unfamiliar with MSU and what it offered. After touring other colleges and universities, she visited MSU and met with Bill Harbort, professor of art.

"I felt inspired when walking through the halls," Jaeger said. "It (MSU) just felt right."

During Jaegerís sophomore year, she decided to get involved in some student organizations. She started with Art Club, knowing it would be small and comfortable. This led to joining Student Ambassadors, where Jaeger stepped outside her comfort zone to network and give back.

"In high school, I never knew the benefits of giving and the importance of networking," said Jaeger. She focused on serving others with the knowledge she gained at MSU. As a result, Jaeger was asked to be a mentor in the First-Year Experience program. She loved forming friendships with students and acting as a liaison to their professors.

One of the Jaegerís most influential experiences at MSU is working in ITC. She said ITC made her more confident. George Withus, her supervisor, explained how when Jaeger first started she was intimidated and shy. Then she began to listen more, take notes, and over the years, create a how-to book for all ITC work-study students.

"She (Jaeger) was easy to teach, she absorbed everything, and it worked out well," said Withus. "I donít think of her as a work-study student anymore, but as an underpaid employee."

"Get involved no matter how big or how small," said Jaeger. "It has given me the confidence to do other things and formed who I am today."

Upon graduation in May 2012, Jaeger plans to stay in Minot and start a graphic design business.