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Walter Piehl
Art Department

Piehl one of the best in the nation

Walter Piehl is an artist. A well-respected artist at that. So respected that Walter was recently named one of three recipients of the 2008 Enduring Vision Award from the Bush Foundation. The award is the first of its kind in the country and focuses on "propelling the artistic investigations of mature artists." The 2008 awards were considered in the visual and media arts categories.

Piehl, an MSU art professor for some thirty years, says, "Whether you are an art student or a professional artist, you do your best work with subjects you are most familiar with. The prairie landscape and the lifestyle that goes with it has been very important to me and my art and I encourage my students to bring their personal experiences into the classroom as subject matter or general concepts. Appreciation of this landscape and this lifestyle is important, even for the city kids."