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Doug Pfliger

Ambassador of Art Education

For Doug Pfliger, associate professor of art, getting back to Minot State University has been a search for the meaning of home, while working all the time as an ambassador of art education. And although he never envisioned himself as a teacher, looking back, Pfliger says he wouldn’t change the way life has guided him to become an art education advisor at MSU.

"If you listen to the right people at the right time in your life, you’ll find a ‘guiding force’ leading you down the path you need to be taking," he said. "For me, the trip through life has stayed close to home - working the whole time in the upper Great Plains."

After finding a love and appreciation of art at a young age, Pfliger decided to pursue his interest at the collegiate level. There, the unexpected happened; professors encouraged him to become a teacher of the arts. While this initially didn’t appeal to Pfliger, he decided to give it a try. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in education from Minot State, teaching for 16 years in South Dakota, Montana and North Dakota and completing a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of North Dakota, Pfliger is back home at MSU.

Pfliger’s role as an ambassador of art education gives him a great opportunity to guide students along this career path. What he hopes his students will share with others is the value of the arts, which in turn will help solidify the importance of visual arts as a subject central to every student’s education.

"I feel that my background in a variety of art mediums, sculpting, painting, print making or photography, gives MSU students the best chance at passing on their passion for the arts to schoolchildren across the state and region," Pfliger said.

Pfliger started as a faculty member at Minot State in 2001 and said he’s grateful for the immense amount of help provided to his students by the many regional art educators willing to open up their classrooms for practicum and student-teaching opportunities.