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Heather Fogarty

Digging in Sicily

Being from Minot, I really wasn’t sure how attending college in my hometown would work out. Now I’m really glad that I did. The small classes allow you to have a close relationship with your instructors. In the geology department, they’re so young—so it’s like your friends are teaching you.

The summer archeological experience I had with Chad Heinzel was fabulous. He put the study program together and got a grant for it, so it didn’t cost me a lot. Best of all, it allowed me to better my skills as a geologist and get experience that really counts. I was able to apply what I had learned in a real environment beyond the normal job setting. You wouldn’t get this type of opportunity, or be able to work this closely with a faculty member, at a larger university.

I even have the opportunity to return and work on this same site in the future. Next year, however, I plan to go to grad school, and eventually I want to start up an adventure company.