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Nursing Students Organize Adult Health
Maintenance Clinic

The Adult Health Maintenance Clinic is the ultimate experience in hands-on service learning for Minot State nursing students and a real-life benefit for the hundreds of seniors who visit the clinic. The clinic provides an environment where people ages fifty-five and older can receive foot maintenance and have other critical health concerns addressed. Just ask project leaders Holly Armitage or Joy Corey.

"Being from a small town, itís really easy to see the need for the Adult Health Maintenance Clinic," said Minot State senior nursing student Corey. "We have an aging population in the state, and by providing a clinic that is geared toward their needs, we are filling an important part of health care in the region. In addition, as nursing students, we get to see firsthand what challenges lie ahead in our chosen profession."

"As future nurses, we are advocates for our patients," said Armitage, who is also a senior MSU nursing student. "This project shows our critical-thinking skills, where you have to look outside of the textbook in order to meet the needs of the region and stretch yourself as a student to become the best nurse possible."

The Adult Health Maintenance Clinic began as a Public Health Nursing class project in the fall of 2007. The students assessed the region surrounding and including Minot, and they identified the need to address foot care and other health-based topics for the elderly population. In the fall of 2008, the students implemented the clinic and have now turned it into a model program for the region and the state. The AHMC is held twice a month at Henry Towers in southeast Minot. Even before the clinic opens, the students are often greeted by a group of clients interested in care that ranges from helping them understand and manage their medications, to getting their blood pressure checked, as well as receiving tips to keeping their feet healthy. The AHMC is a perfect way to teach nursing students skills-based knowledge which is difficult to acquire in a traditional classroom. It also provides an opportunity for students to give back to the community and its growing elderly population.