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Donovan Lambert
Physical Education & Coaching

Making the Transition

The main thing that drew me here was the size of the university. I knew the class sizes would be no larger than 20 to 30 students. Thatís important when youíre making the transition from a tribal college, like I did, where classes had five to 10 students.

What Iíve found since Iíve been at MSU is an environment that is very supportive of Native American students. The instructors get to know you, and theyíre interested in how youíre doing academically. The Native American Cultural Center is really helpful for Native students. Itís a place where they feel comfortable talking about issues that they would not talk about with non-Native students--daycare, housing, challenges. Wylie Hammond, the director, is a great resource.

Iím president of our Native American Cultural Club this year. My reason for wanting to be involved is based on a value that is very important to our culture--family is first. I want to encourage others to get their education to improve themselves, the lives of their families, our tribes and all Native people.
We are one big family.