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Scott Mortensen, Stanley, N.D.

Minot State provides extraordinary opportunities

I took an interest in Minot State University because it allowed me to have a well-rounded life while attending school. I love the outdoors and frequently spend nights in a tree stand or out hunting in the field with my dog. I also found that Minot is centrally located and allowed me to be a part of numerous activities with my family.

During my freshmen year, I decided to major in chemistry, feeling it would prepare me for my future goal of becoming a dentist. This program not only prepared me, but also made my application to dental schools shine in front of reviewers. At Minot State, the professors truly help you become engaged. I happened to get involved with research under Mikhail Bobylev, associate professor of chemistry. It took hard work and dedication, but it led to various opportunities that would have never been possible. Recently, I presented my research work at the 236th American Chemical Society’s National Meeting in Philadelphia. The benefits of these sorts of opportunities seem to cascade.

I spent the summer before my senior year getting ready for the arduous task of applying to dental schools. It started with getting recommendations from my professors, which is easy at MSU because they all know their students by name, and they are happy to help. Next, I spent hours upon hours in the library at MSU, preparing for the Dental Admission Test. This exam makes or breaks an application to dental schools, and I can say that the instruction at MSU is top of the line. I got interview offers at numerous schools across the country and accepted interviews at five of them. I was accepted by each school I interviewed with. I will be starting my first semester of dental school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Lincoln, Neb. in the fall of 2009.