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Meet our Alumni - Jerry Boatz, rocket scientist

The title of rocket scientist is usually reserved as a punch line or part of a witty comment, but not for Jerry Boatz.

A 1983 graduate of Minot State University, Boatz accomplished an unusual feat during his undergraduate years, earning four majors in five years. With degrees in math, chemistry, physics and computer science, Boatz said it wasnít as difficult as it may seem since some of the requirements for his majors overlapped.

"I enjoyed everything I did; it was a labor of love," Boatz said, describing his time at Minot State.

After years of post-graduate education, Boatz can truly boast the title of rocket scientist. He now investigates chemical propellants for rockets and missiles at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Earning four majors from MSU has come in handy for this rocket scientist, as Boatz says he uses all four of the disciplines on a daily basis at Edwards Air Force Base.

"Itís a wonderful job," Boatz said. "I could see myself finishing my career where I am."

A career started with four degrees from Minot State University.