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MSU Profiles

Meet our Students

Jamin Heller:
A careful balance
reaps success
Jorden McKae:
Setting the example
and raising the "Par"
Breanna Benson:
A class act in balancing life,
the universe and everything
Sheldon Standish:
Embracing the opportunities
at and leading by example

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Kathy Hintz:
Stoking the flame
for life-long learning
Cathy Horvath:
Loyalty, respect and perseverance
defines IT director
Dr. David Fuller:
A visionary leads
a premier institution
Linda Pettersen:
Four decades of dedication
and influencing lives

Meet Our Alumni

Amy Roberts:
In the right place at the right
time with the right skills
Kevin Burckhard:
Rewarding career discovered
through internship
Marco's Coffee Club:
Solving world problems
for over 50 years
Larry Silver:
Six degrees
of separation

Research & Community

Biogeographical experience
leaves a lasting impression
Dakota Chamber Music:
Unites generations
and MSU and the community
Distance Education:
Promises new beginnings
Leadership Development Program:
Leading the way
through self-discovery

What Being Minot State Means

MSU NOTSTOCK arts festival:
Bursting at the seams
Brigitte Mikula:
Passion for education
redefines mission complete
Laurie Weber:
Finding enjoyment
as a dream weaver
Celebrating winners
at the losing game