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MSU Profiles

Meet our Students

Maddie Thompson:
Striking the perfect
chord with advantages
Bryan Phillips:
Finding inspiration
in life challenges
Tyler Flatland:
Exploring a passion
leads to a new beginning
Kaylee Dockter:
Science fuels
determination to succeed

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Caren Barnett:
Retired Student Health Center
director makes a positive impact
Cheryl Nilsen:
Taking risks launches
a lifelong learner
Dick Jenkins:
Vice president transitioning
to a new chapter in life
Lisa Borden-King:
Working to grow
the reading community

Meet Our Alumni

Jeff Arlt:
Reprises role and passion at
MSU Summer Theatre's 50th season
Leslee Thorpe:
Making a difference
in early childhood education
Kirsten Baesler:
Graduate provides public
service with a smile
Brenda Werner:
Dedication and perseverence
yield success

Research & Community

Holly Pedersen:
Extending commitment to
engagement on a global scale
MSU Honors:
Project inspires
commitment to community
Summer Theatre:
Celebrating fifty years
Cause to Rock:
University connects with
community through rock and roll

What Being Minot State Means

MSU NOTSTOCK arts festival:
Bursting at the seams
Brigitte Mikula:
Passion for education
redefines mission complete
Laurie Weber:
Finding enjoyment
as a dream weaver
Celebrating winners
at the losing game