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MSU Profiles

Meet our Students

Ashley Busch:
Discovering a talent
opens a new door
Krys Zorbaugh:
A new perspective
transforms a life
Gabrielle Damschen:
Student success is finding
harmony and balance
Caleb Harris:
Engagement in campus life &
diversity spells success for students

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Zeni Shabani:
Hands-on experience
leads to success
Brent Askvig:
A challenge results in a
lifetime of opportunities and growth
Holly Pedersen:
A positive impact
defines success
Beth Odahlen:
Influencing others to impact
lives and make a difference

Meet Our Alumni

Kirsten Baesler:
Graduate provides public
service with a smile
Brenda Werner:
Dedication and perseverence
yield success
Kim Baldridge:
The adventurous life
Stephanie Hoffart:
MADC president embraces both
continued growth and small-town feeling

Research & Community

MSU's Darwin Day:
The evolution of a celebration
RHA & MSU Life:
Helping hands bond students
and the community
Kowan O'Keefe:
A strong drive reaps success
on the course and in the classroom
MSU Marching Band:
Culture beating strong

What Being Minot State Means

MSU NOTSTOCK arts festival:
Bursting at the seams
Brigitte Mikula:
Passion for education
redefines mission complete
Laurie Weber:
Finding enjoyment
as a dream weaver
Celebrating winners
at the losing game