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MSU Profiles

Meet our Students

Courtenay Corpe:
Taking involvment
to a whole new level
Jacob Schillo:
Rewarding experience results
in a dream come true
Whitney Molina:
MSU student reflects
Minot State's mission
Laura Hellmuth:
Life experience leads
back to pursuing a dream

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Eric Furuseth:
Love of the arts expressed in the
classroom, community and beyond
Dionne Spooner:
Leading by example to encourage
positive social change
Annette Mennem:
Inspiring individualism
and hope
Lori Garnes:
Another lifetime love

Meet Our Alumni

Jan (Ennis) Barlow:
Minot State education provides
foundation for four generations
Brenda Foster:
Minot State strengthens
family bond
Jason Burckhard:
Home is where the
heart is
Tami Jollie-Trottier:
Psychology graduate returns
to help her people

Research & Community

Poster campaign:
Emphasizing growth
and expanding imaginations
Teen Night Out:
Inspiring students
of all ages
Sleeping Mats:
Networking and camaraderie
help the homeless
It's a Slam Dunk, Don't Drive Drunk:
Raising awareness through
drinking and driving campaign

What Being Minot State Means

MSU NOTSTOCK arts festival:
Bursting at the seams
Brigitte Mikula:
Passion for education
redefines mission complete
Laurie Weber:
Finding enjoyment
as a dream weaver
Celebrating winners
at the losing game