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MSU Profiles

Archived Profiles: Our Faculty and Staff

Rick Watson:
Words hold the power
to inspire
Deanna Klein:
Student diversity instills
newfound confidence in professor
Bev Alex:
A positive force on
campus for 50 years
Kris Warmoth:
Taking chances to
discover unknown passions
Gary Orluck:
Former commander
brings experience to campus
Eric Furuseth:
Love of the arts expressed in the
classroom, community and beyond
Dionne Spooner:
Leading by example to encourage
positive social change
Annette Mennem:
Inspiring individualism
and hope
Lori Garnes:
Another lifetime love
Joseph Engler:
Expertise inspires
school psychologists
Diane Sjol:
Always returning home
to North Dakota
MSU business faculty:
Faculty share knowledge
with Vietnamese
Lisa Dooley:
A growing passion leads
to new opportunities
Melissa Spelchen:
Spelchen comes full
circle at MSU
Dan Conn:
Educator brings enthusiasm
to teaching
Donna Just:
Many changes in 45 years
Caren Barnett:
Retired Student Health Center
director makes a positive impact
Cheryl Nilsen:
Taking risks launches
a lifelong learner
Dick Jenkins:
Vice president transitioning
to a new chapter in life
Zeni Shabani:
Hands-on experience
leads to success
Brent Askvig:
A challenge results in a
lifetime of opportunities and growth
Holly Pedersen:
A positive impact
defines success
Beth Odahlen:
Influencing others to impact
lives and make a difference
Andrea Donovan:
Global experiences open
a world of possibilities
Linda Cresap:
Flip flopping roles
creates new challenges
Dr. Steven W. Shirley
fills the president's
post at MSU
Kathy Hintz:
Stoking the flame
for life-long learning
Cathy Horvath:
Loyalty, respect and perseverance
defines IT director
Dr. David Fuller:
A visionary leads
a premier institution
Linda Pettersen:
Four decades of dedication
and influencing lives
Flat Tail Press:
Stander's two passions
fused into one
Gary Ross:
Reaching beyond
to enrich MSU
Bobbi Jo Zueger:
Coordinating Bismarck
student services
Vicki Michels:
Teacher, researcher,
and consultant
Kevin Neuharth:
Behind the scenes
Joan Houston:
Continuing to find
delight in teaching
Jynette Larshus:
Encouraging critical
thinking and open dialogue
Narayan Thapa:
Creating a cultural shift
of great impact
Patti Fedje:
Professor's personal journey
keeps her rooted to MSU
Jaci Jarmin:
Practices what she preaches
Eileen Solberg:
Career guidance keeps students
on the right path
Tiffany Ziegler:
Leads the path less taken
MSU Marching Band:
Following the beat
of a different drum
Jacek Mrozik:
Finding satisfaction in
simplicity and sharing
Scott Seaton:
Community strikes a chord
with MSO director's aspirations
Jaimie McMullen:
Discovers her inner
North Dakotan
Long Pham:
Providing a cultural and academic
bridge for universities continents apart
Mikhail Bobylev:
MSU feels like home
Don Thompson:
A life-long love affair
Clarine Sandstrom:
Combining curriculum
with compassion
Karen Walz:
Conducting business
on her terms
Heather Golly:
MSU professor leads
fitness to a new level
Rosmini Omar:
Engaging students
in global awareness
Keith Witwer:
Retires from MSU after 29 years
Laurie Geller:
Exponential drive
and infinite determination
Denise MacDonald:
Compassionate care
in the classroom
Chris Beachy:
MSU professor takes leadership
of historic biological journal
Lenore Koczon:
An auspicious beginning
Alexey Shipunov:
Seeds of discovery
in an unlikely place
MSU Robotics Club:
Club wins penn state
mini grand challenge
John Girard:
Twenty-first century
renaissance man
Terry Eckmann:
Excellence in teaching,
scholarship and service
Dennis Simons:
The maestro of music
Doug Pfliger:
Ambassador of art education
Lorraine Willoughby:
Excellence in teaching
Dean Frantsvog:
Frantsvog, a "renaissance man"
Deb Jensen:
A new way of thinking
about the brain
Walter Piehl:
Piehl one of the best in the nation
Dr. Shirley Cole-Harding:
Researching what produces
the buzz
Robert Kibler:
Using the world as a classroom
Dr. Tom Linares:
Chairing the department