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MSU Profiles

Archived Profiles: Our Students

Stacey Anderson:
Achieving the goal
of making a difference
Alex Coleman:
Tragedy transforms
into triumph
Chelsea Geis:
Family inspiration leads
to academic discovery
Christian Miller:
Class options offer
flexibility to ensure success
Courtenay Corpe:
Taking involvment
to a whole new level
Jacob Schillo:
Rewarding experience results
in a dream come true
Whitney Molina:
MSU student reflects
Minot State's mission
Laura Hellmuth:
Life experience leads
back to pursuing a dream
Hatfield and Rebelo:
Two paths cross, leading
to success and bright futures
Annika Kraft:
Early influence leads
to university success
Robert Schwartz:
Experience plus knowledge
inspired success at MSU
J'Kobe Wallace:
'Why not Minot?'
definitely MSU
Joel Collins:
MSU offers Collins advantages
beyond just academics
Katie Abrahamson:
Creativity inspires
academic destination
Alex Buchholz:
Optimism, vision, opportunity
and change
Maddie Thompson:
Striking the perfect
chord with advantages
Bryan Phillips:
Finding inspiration
in life challenges
Tyler Flatland:
Exploring a passion
leads to a new beginning
Kaylee Dockter:
Science fuels
determination to succeed
Courtney Haase:
Closing in on a teaching dream
Ashley Busch:
Discovering a talent
opens a new door
Krys Zorbaugh:
A new perspective
transforms a life
Gabrielle Damschen:
Student success is finding
harmony and balance
Caleb Harris:
Engagement in campus life &
diversity spells success for students
Danni Bates:
Early engagement proves
to be the key to success
Marley Kotylak:
New SGA president encourages
student engagement and involvement
Courtney Johnson:
Positive competition
provides the greatest motivation
Jamin Heller:
A careful balance
reaps success
Jorden McKae:
Setting the example
and raising the "Par"
Breanna Benson:
A class act in balancing life,
the universe and everything
Sheldon Standish:
Embracing the opportunities
at and leading by example
Lauren Burress:
Rapidly finding
adventure at MSU
Codi A. Miller:
Going the distance
for success
Daniel Johnson:
Capitalizing on
every opportunity!
AJ Begay:
Lucky number 13
Alidu Salifu:
Personifies perseverance
and potential
Josh Sandy:
Feverishly embracing
the excitement of MSU's Centennial
Chloe Ondracek:
Extraordinary is only
part of the story
Kelli Sem:
Finds university experience
is more than good grades
Abbie Lattergrass:
Encouragement from the
usual suspects
Bekka Ryan:
Stick-to-it-ive-ness is only
part of her success
Haley McClure:
Flood challenges yield
hands-on experience
Corbin Zerr:
Completing a lifelong
dream through education
Giang Thuy Nguyen:
Discovers MSU to be a good fit
Cory Smith:
Success with a little
help from his friends
Torleif Vaage:
Finding personal success
through a team approach
Ismail Hassan:
A one in a million opportunity
Brad Bingen:
Finds balance and success
in being involved
Lindsey Nelson:
Personifies Beaver tradition
and community service
Laura Bakke:
Taking patient care
experience to a new level
Cassandra Sayler:
Finding rewards on
and off the track
Brian Westerman:
Using education to help
write his next chapter
Cassie Neuharth:
Soaring to new heights!
Alex Radi:
Amphibian discovery raises
more questions than answers.
April Nakatani:
Student-athlete finds family
1500 miles from home
Hannibel Brock:
Advancing her dream at MSU
Erin Neumann:
Fine tuning her talents
to share with others
Jacey Peterson:
Leadership proves positive
for MSU student
Ben Edwards:
Making the most of destiny
Max Buchholz:
An unquenchable thirst
for all things good
Anthony Anderson:
There's no place like home
Eric Manlove:
Fueling the passion,
living the dream
Aaron Jaeger:
Cool, confident and ... busy
Tonya Stuart:
Mixing art and business
Ghanaian Graduate Students:
Dedicated to education
Scott Mortensen:
MSU provides extraordinary opportunities
Ashley Liebel:
An unexpected honors trip
Renee Tribitt:
Not all work and no play
Vanessa Anderson:
Great place to start, great place to stay
Donovan Lambert:
Making the transition
Corri Bliese:
Getting ahead
LeeAnn Pekovitch:
Mixing studies and sports
Robin Deutsch:
Be involved