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Partners in Learning (PIL)


The Partners in Learning (PIL) program provides a peer-to-peer exploration of teaching effectiveness.  Working in pairs, faculty members visit and observe each other’s classes, interview each other’s students, share results, all for the purpose of improving instruction at Minot State University.  This model is based on a highly successful program developed by Joseph Katz and Mildred Henry (Katz & Henry, 1988) and implemented throughout the higher-education system of New Jersey.

The PIL program played an important role in a strategic effort to improve teaching and learning on the MSU campus, the Collaboration for the Improvement of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning, which was funded by Funded by the Bush Foundation from April, 1999 to September, 2004.  As originally conceived, there were five objectives identified for the improvement of undergraduate teaching and learning:

  1. Strengthen MSU’s focus on undergraduate teaching and learning
  2. Enhance the understanding of the principles of excellence in teaching
  3. Develop interdisciplinary collegial partnerships focused on teaching and learning
  4. Improve instructional practices through peer coaching and student interviews
  5. Improve curriculum through the use of information gained from program assessment

Congratulations to the participants for The Partners in Learning program (PIL) for spring 2012 semester.

Paula LindeKugel-Willis - Arts & Science with Lesley Magnus - Education & Health Sciences
Ernst Pijning - History with Rebecca Anhorn -Education & Health Sciences
Tiffany Ziegler - History with Kathy Hintz Education & Health Sciences
Narayan Thapa – Mathematics with Jaimie McMullen – Education & Health Sciences
Kodwo Annan – Math and Computer Science with Alexey Shipunov-Education & Health Sciences