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Parking Office


  1. Continued violations of parking regulations may require towing of your vehicle.
  2. A $15.00 penalty will be imposed for all violations except the following: stolen permit-$30.00 and displaying an altered permit-$ 30.00.
  3. All penalties not paid will result in the withholding of the student’s records until such penalties are paid at the Business Office.
  4. Vehicles owned/operated by faculty, staff, or students that have an excessive number of unpaid parking fines are subject to be impounded at the expense of the vehicle’s owner/operator.
  5. Any vehicle left on a University parking lot for an extended period of time (30 days) or over summer vacation without the approval of the University will be removed at the owner’s expense. Approval is granted through the Parking Office in the form of a valid University Parking Permit.
  6. When a vehicle is apparently mechanically inoperable or has not been moved for a period of 30 days, the vehicle will be impounded at the owner’s expense.
  7. Penalties for handicapped violations will be as set by law and a City of Minot parking ticket.
  8. The Minot Police Department is authorized to cite vehicles parked in Fire Lanes, No Parking, and Handicap Zones.