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Parking Office

Parking Area Restrictions

See accompanying map for location and designation of parking areas. Extra copies of the map are available at the Parking Office. Parking at the University is for motorized vehicles only. All other equipment (campers, boats, trailers, etc.) must be stored off campus. ALL UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT WILL BE REMOVED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE.


  1. Students who live on campus will be issued permits for reserved parking lots depending on their residence.
  2. Parking permits are available June 1for the following academic
  3. year. Permits are not required for summer semester students, with the exception of those living in Pioneer Hall and Campus Heights. Reserved parking permits are not valid in unreserved parking areas.
  4. Parking permits are available on a first come, first served basis. The only preference will be as follows:
    • Lot B: students who reside in Dakota Hall or Lura Manor;
    • Lot BL: students who reside in Beaver Lodge and Beaver Suites;
    • Lot D: students who reside in Cook Hall, Lura Manor, or McCulloch Hall;
    • Lot F: students who reside in Crane Hall;
    • Lot H: students who reside in Pioneer Hall;
    • Lot M: students who reside in Campus Heights;
    • Lot O: may be available to students on a limited basis.
    • Lot S: all students when lots B & D are at capacity.
  5. The purchase of a reserved parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space due to potential violators. You may sign a waiting list for an alternate lot if space becomes available.
  6. Students who live off campus will only be allowed to park in unreserved areas. These areas are clearly marked on the campus map in red and a parking permit is required. Unreserved passes will go to students as first priority.
  7. University parking permits are not required to park in the upper Dome lot or area adjacent to the football field pressbox. Other areas are clearly marked by signs "Unreserved Permit Required." Refer to the campus maps for location.
  8. Students with a medical excuse from a licensed physician may obtain a reserved parking permit if space is available. The medical excuse must state a specific time period. A parking fee is assessed to all students using university parking facilities.
  9. Mobility Impaired parking areas require the display of an unreserved parking permit in addition to the handicap permit required by state law.
  10. As a courtesy, MSU will honor temporary mobility impaired permits issued by the Minot Police Department. Students who temporarily need to park closer to classrooms due to a temporary medical condition, may obtain with a doctor excuse, a temporary medical permit issued by the state, to be used with an unreserved MSU parking permit.

Faculty and Full Time Employees

  1. Faculty and full time employees who desire to use University parking facilities must register their vehicles and display the proper permit. They will be issued a permit and must park in their designated parking areas on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Reserved parking permits are not valid in unreserved areas and are specific to that individual lot.
    • Lot A is for faculty/staff of Administration & Student Center, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and Sodexo.
    • Lot E is for faculty/staff of Dakota, Old Main, and Pioneer Hall.
    • Lot G is for faculty/staff of Model Hall.
    • Lot J is for faculty/staff of GBO Library and Cyril Moore Hall.
    • Lot K is for faculty/staff of GBO Library and Swain Hall.
    • Lot L is for faculty/staff of Hartnett Hall, and Memorial Hall.
    • Lot N is for the Clinic in Memorial Hall. Any violators parking in Lot N will be towed immediately.
    • Lot O is for faculty/staff of Dome and Memorial overflow.
  3. All vehicles owned and operated by faculty, full time, and part time employees of the University are subject to the towing procedures outlined in General Regulations on Driving and Parking and Penalties.
  4. Faculty and staff will be allowed to purchase additional permits for multiple cars if they only drive one vehicle to work at a time. These multiple permits will not count against limits on lot permits sold, and will be available at $15.00 per permit.
  5. Faculty/Staff with a medical excuse from a licensed physician may purchase an unreserved permit to be used in those areas clearly marked "Unreserved Permit Required." You must also possess a reserved permit for your assigned lot. Unreserved parking is on a first come, first served basis. The medical excuse must state a specific time period.