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Parking Office


» Online Appeal Form

All University citations are subject to appeal. Appeals must be filed only on appeal forms which can be obtained in the Parking Office, or online at

Written appeals must be filed in the Parking Office within 30 calendar days of issuance. Delinquent citations will not be accepted for appeal.

These appeals will be reviewed by a committee of two students and two staff members, and two faculty members. The appeals committee generally meets monthly through the school year.

All rules and requirements set forth in this folder are subject to review and change as deemed necessary by the Administration. Any student or faculty/staff members who recommend changes to the parking rules should direct them to the Facilities Management Director.

The University reserves the right to change the rules and regulations set forth in this brochure. Future actions of University Committees may supersede the regulations printed herein.

For further information concerning parking and traffic regulations, contact the Parking Office located in on the first floor of the Student Center.