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Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)
Image of students on laptop watching Tegrity session.

Tegrity Student Tutorials

Tegrity Technology Requirements (PDF)

The Basics:

How to: View Your Instructor’s Recordings
Bookmarking: How and Why
Tegrity Notes
Tegrity mobile app for Android
Tegrity mobile app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

How to’s:

How to: Download and Playback a Recording on a Mac
How to: Download and Playback a Recording on a PC
How to: Download Mp3 Files of Class Recordings
How to: Download Podcast Course Recordings
How to: Enroll in a Tegrity class
How to: Exit Full Screen Player View
How to: Find your iPhone Connection Code
How to: Obtain iTunes for use with Podcasts
How to: Subscribe and Play a Tegrity Podcast on iTunes
How to: Search for Specific Content
How to: Subscribe to an RSS Feed
How to: Subscribe to a Video Podcast
How to: Uninstall the Tegrity Recorder (PC)
How to: Watch Class Recordings on Your Mobile Phone