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Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)

Office of Instructional Technology Development Opportunities

November/December 2013 Faculty Development Opportunities pdf

Training sessions can be one-on-one or with small group sessions in the OIT technology sandbox which is
Instructor and technology design workspace in the Office of Instructional Technology.located in the Administration Building, Room 356, or in a one-on-one Web-based environment.

Our offices are served by an elevator on the west end of building, near the first floor bookstore.

Technology training sessions are advertised above and via the Daily Information e-mail and MSU Insider, which are published by the Public Information Office. Online faculty are advised by e-mail directly from OIT.

Our location:

Office of Instructional Technology
Administration Building, Room 356 and 368
701-858-3832 or 701-858-3280