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Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)

Department Peer Review of Online Courses Online course testing life cycle.


The first core value of Vision 2013 is a commitment to teaching and learning. Today’s student lives a life that is technology-based. When quality courses are offered online, the result shows MSU’s commitment to meeting the needs of today’s learner. Additionally, the Higher Learning Commission recognizes the growing demand for online courses and the need for their inclusion in regular department curricular review. Institutions seeking reaccreditation or new accreditation for online degrees are asked to demonstrate how they ensure quality in their distance programs. MSU has put in place a system of review that will help us meet these guidelines on an on-going basis and ensure that we only offer high quality courses online.

Academic Department Peer Review of Standards and Best Practices

Courses will undergo this review every four years. The review will involve the Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) staff, department faculty, and the department chair. The following is an overview of the general responsibilities for all participants in the process:

Updated 12/27/11