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Office of Instructional Technology (OIT)
Students work with PRS clickers in the classroom.

Office of Instructional Technology Equipment Loan

Faculty may sing-out equipment on a short-term basis. We cannot guarantee availablility of equipment and we encourage faculty to reserve equipment in advance by calling 701-858-3832 or by sending an email to

Equipment cannot be loaned to students or TAs. If equipment is lost, users are responsible for replacing them. Our offices are served by an elevator on the west end of building, near the first floor bookstore.

Loan item Brief description
Looxcie webcamera Looxcie Mobile HD Webcam: Go anywhere and video anything with this robust, minature web camera and then upload to your iPhone, iPad, PC, or online course.
Swivl mount in classroom Swivl Mount: an infrared detection mount that rotates a webcam or other camera device for streaming video.
Tegrity Lecture Capture Kit Tegrity Lecture Capture Kit A
Kit A offer a USB-based HD camera with a high quality acoustic microphone (with audio jack) designed to pick up the instructor within 30 feet and classroom activity. This kit is ideal of picking up the instructor and class interaction.
Tegrity Lecture Capture Kit Tegrity Lecture Capture Kit B
Kit B offers a USB-based high quality webcam with a high quality USB-based wireless microphone so the instructor can move about the classroom and not pickup class noise. This kit is ideal for strictly lecture capture.
Tegrity Lecture Capture Kit Tegrity Lecture Capture Kit C
Kit C offers a USB-based high quality webcam with a desktop microphone for small room and small audience applications. This kit is ideal for capturing the activity of small group.
Digital Audio Recorder Digital Audio Recorder
In addition to capturing stereo sound from meetings, interviews and other critical information expected of digital recorders, you can download and create podcasts with the DS-30.
Phoenix Audio Duet PCS Phoenix Audio Duet PCS
The Duet provides 360 degree room coverage so more than one person can participate in an online conference, Headset-Free and Handset-Free. Loudspeaker output (always a problem with laptops) is sufficient for larger offices and even medium sized conference rooms.

Flip UltraHD Video Camera Flip UltraHD Video Camera
Captures up to 2 hours of beautiful 720p HD video! One-touch recording makes creating videos simple. See it all on the 2" anti-glare display. HDMI™ Mini Connector lets you watch video on your HDTV, PC, and WWW.
Wacom Bamboo Tablet Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Bamboo Pen turns your computer into the ultimate editing tool and gives you the ability to paint, draw, edit, and personalize your documents with handwritten notes, sketches, and doodles. The ergonomically-designed pen fits comfortably in your hand, and the tablet’s textured work surface makes you feel like you’re working with a pen on paper.
Headsets with Microphones Headsets
We have various headsets with microphones.
Quick Cams Quick Cams
Several quick cams are available. There are both monitor and tripod mounted options, depending on your need.
Personal Response System Personal Response System
PRS combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity. Using their radio-frequency or infrared wireless clickers, students can answer questions and record their responses with a simple click of a button. Use PRS to take attendance, give quizzes and tests, or for lesson review.

Only 30 clickers are available.
Livescribe Echo Smart Pen Livescribe Echo Smart Pen
Record everything you hear, write, and draw. Tap your notes to play back your recordings. Save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad, or iPhone.
Sony MiniDV Sony MiniDV
The Sony MiniDV is compact and provides for quality video. Ideal for short captures, presentations, or field trips. (Tripod is recommended)

The Media Center of the Office of Instructional Technology serves as an in-house video and audio production center for the MSU faculty. Some operations may require faculty to complete. Training is provided.
Tripods Tripods
Full size and mini tripods are available for use.