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Department of Nursing

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Marita B. Hoffart, RN, PhD
Professor of Nursing
Office: Memorial Hall 324
Phone: 858-3253

Courses Taught:
Nursing 422- Therapeutic Touch
Nursing 443- Child Health Nursing
Nursing 463- Nursing Theory & Research

Sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Take a couple slow deep breaths, all the way to your toes and back. Resume normal breathing. Now imagine yourself on the beach, feel the warm sand under your feet, the warm sun on your back, find a nice place to sit or lie down and enjoy the scene. Keeping in mind that you can take this vacation anytime you wish, come back to the classroom, bringing with you the sense of relaxation you experienced. Kids love visualizations too.

Often times, students come to class weary and unable to focus, so we take at trip before getting into the topics for the day.

My tenure at Minot State University began in August 1980. Previously I worked with State Health Department in the Maternal-child Health area, and before that patient education coordinator at St. Joseph’s Hospital here in Minot. My education includes a diploma from Sisters of St. Francis School of Nursing, BSN from Loretto Heights College, Denver, a Master’s Degree in Pediatric Nursing from University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Ph.D. in Nursing from University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver.

I was teaching at Sisters of St. Francis School of Nursing when the state legislature approved House Concurrent Resolution #13 for a BSN program at Minot State. We encouraged our applicants that spring to apply to Minot State. Those were the first nursing graduates from Minot State in 1973.

Many changes have occurred in nursing as well as in education in the years I have been here. One is the formation of a Nursing Honor Society and chartering in 1998 of a chapter, Omicron Tau, here on campus.

My clinical focus has been children since I came into nursing. Friends tell me that I like kids because than I can play when ever I want to play. I also enjoy reading, gardening, being outdoors in the quiet of the evening or stillness of early morning.

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Presentations given:

July 2000, International Family Nursing Conference, Chicago. Poster presentation: "Teen Perception of How Teen Suicide can be Prevented."

July 1999, The New Nursing: Converging Conversations of Education, Research, and Practice, Third Biennial International Nursing Conference, Madison, WI: Presented: "Experience of Visualization for School age Children and their Mothers" and "Using Experience to Teach Nursing Research to Undergraduates." Poster presentation: "School age Children’s Experience of Being in a Flood."

May 1998, University of Toronto, Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research Conference, presented "School age children’s experience of being in a flood."

June 1995, Connecting Conversations, International Nursing Conference (First Biennial International Nursing Conference), University of Iceland, "Solitude Experience of School Age Children" and "A Phenomenological Study of the Nurse’s Presence."

October 1998, Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO, Conference on Children’s Spirituality, presented "Children Doing Solitude."

January 1997 Presented "The experience of solitude of school aged children" at "Dimensions of Caring and Spirituality in Health Care: Practice, Research and Theory" sponsored by Sigma Theta Tau, VA Hospital, and University of Gainesville, in Gainesville, Florida

September 1996, Presented "Use of Visualization with Children" at Choices in Healing Arts Conference in Omaha, University of Nebraska.

June, 1997, Presented in-service "Healing Touch, Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch" for staff of Marion Residence, Alliance, NE.

June 1995, Research Colloquia, College of Nursing, University of Colorado, Denver, presented "A phenomenological Inquiry of Solitude Experienced by School Age Children."

June 1995. Nursing Grand Rounds, The Children’s Hospital of Denver, "Experience of Solitude for School Age Children.