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The Northern Plains Writing Project: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Online Application Form

Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Application for:
  • MSU Summer Institute, June 20 - July 15, 2016

Professional Development, no credits and no cost to you

Re-certification Credits, earn 6 graduate workshop credits and no cost to you (NPWP pays $300 for the 6 Workshop credits); credits may be used for promotion depending on school district—check with your school

Graduate Promotion or Graduate non-degree, earn 6 credits as a non-degree seeking candidate (credits to be used for promotion or for a graduate program other than MSU) with NPWP paying you a $1,300 stipend to defray tuition costs (total MSU tuition is around $1,900)

Graduate Credits for the MSU Master of Education Degree Concentration in English, 6 graduate credits earned toward the M.Ed. degree with NPWP paying Summer Institute participants a $1,300 stipend and Advanced Institute participants $1,000 to defray tuition costs (total MSU tuition is about $1,900)


There is a one time Application Fee of $35 for Applicants to the Graduate School. Please apply to the graduate school (as either non-degree seeking or degree seeking; note that no degree preference is used for admittance to the NPWP Institutes).

Please include a one-page narrative explaining why you want to attend either the NPWP Summer Institute or Advanced Institute. Also, discuss what you expect to gain from the experience. Thank you for considering the Northern Plains Writing Project for your professional development needs.